Gallo Center Online Help

Frequently asked questions.

If you are having problems with your login, please visit this web page, to have your login information sent directly to you. You can also select the "Lookup Your Account" tab and enter your customer number, phone number and postal code.

If you had an account and forgot your login email address you can call us at 209-338-2100 and give us your name and address to lookup your account.

If you want to use a different email address you will need to update your account profile and change your old email address. Visit this web page and log in with your existing email, and then update the email field in your account. We will need a current live email address on file in order for us to send your confirmation receipts on ticket purchases, as well as special promos and added event information.

The GCA Mobile website and mobile apps have been tested with the latest iPhone and Android mobile devices. Since there are now numerous mobile devices on the market, various cellular data plans, and particular custom user settings that may be causing your issue we cannot cannot guarantee your device is supported, nor can we troubleshoot any individual's particular problems.

Please visit this web page for additional information.

Below are some simple suggestions to try if you are having problems. If you still have issues with your mobile device, please try a modern desktop computer, or give us a call to buy tickets.

The mobile website home page loads, but the Events List does not load
The reason the Events List is not loading may be because of the below reasons:

  • If you have an issue with the app loading please first make sure you are in an area where you have a clear signal, either over wireless or cellular. For the mobile website, please refresh your browser as needed.
  • For the mobile website, please make sure your "Private Browsing" is disabled/turned off in your device. In the iPhone, this setting is located in Settings -> Safari -> Private Browsing. Make sure this is turned off. For an Android device, plus consult your user device user manual. It typically is within the TABS or Settings area of the browser you are using for Android devices. For instance, Samsung calls this feature "Icognito" browsing.
  • Make sure JavaScript is enabled. You device must also be set to accept cookies, so make sure Accept Cookies is checked and enabled as well. These should be in your devices Settings area.
  • Your mobile device bandwidth from your service provider is low. Try turning Airplane mode "on" momentarily, and then turn it off. This will establish a fresh cellular connection. Now come back to the website and try to load the Events List again by selecting "Refresh" in your browser settings.
  • Your mobile connection may not be in an ideal spot where you are physically located. Try turning on "wireless" mode if you are near a wireless hotspot, or, go to a different physical location to get a better connection.

If the website appears to be down, please try a different time or call us during business hours. The GCA mobile website is monitored 24/7, if there is a maintenance or a technical issue we appreciate your patience as we will be working to get the website back up as quick as we can!

The Gallo Center website has been developed with the latest web technologies that support modern computers and modern standards compliant web browsers. This site has been tested and properly working with the latest computer desktop browser versions. It is recommended to use the latest web browser versions.

Our website requires Javascript in your browser to be enabled. If you have made any changes to your browser or are using a "private browsing" or "incognito mode", or are using 3rd party applications that have changed the default preferences settings of your browser, you may have a problem with our website.

If you are using an older computer with an older web browser, we strongly advise you to at least upgrade your browser to the latest version for the best user experience. If you feel your online problem to be temporary you can always call 209-338-2100 for tickets.

Problems Receiving Our Emailed Receipts or E-Newsletters

There are a few things you can do to ensure that you receive our emails into your inbox.

  • Check your SPAM/JUNK folders in your email application. Select "Not SPAM" or "Not JUNK" etc. where indicated.
  • Add the domains "" to your Contacts
  • If you are using a company email address, check with your IT administrator to see if our email address, domain or IP Address is allowed through their firewall
  • In Gmail, etc., be sure to check your inbox sub-folders. Sometimes emails get filtered to those areas. In Gmail there is a "Promotions" folder where emails can get sent to. Here are instructions from Google on how their to change that filter. On this page below is a How-to section on Gmail issues.
  • Here are some additional instructions from Yahoo! on how to check the above similar methods.
  • Or, just change your email address to a different one. Visit this page to change your email.
Gmail - How to Find Emails

Gmail has ramped up their algorithm on email detection technology. Apart from checking your Spam/Junk folders, sometimes emails can get directed to the "hidden" category areas located on the left side of your Gmail screen. Below is how to reveal those categories and prevent emails from being delivered there, if you wish them to be directed to your InBox instead. (As of 7/28/2016).

Prevent individual emails from going to the Promotions (or other) Category/Tab areas

Go to Promotions Category/Tab:

  1. Login to your Gmail Account.
  2. On the Left side of your screen, move your mouse over the links under your Inbox, then click the More link (this is located below the other items). This now exposes additional categories. You should look in these categories to find emails you thought should have been delivered directly to your InBox.
  3. Click the Promotions category
  4. In the email from us (or any email you don't want to go to Promotions) Check the box next to the email.
  5. Click the "Not Promotions" button above. This will tell Gmail you don't want it to go to Promotions category.

Prevent ALL e-mails from going to Promotions (or other) Category/Tab areas

  1. Login to your Gmail Account.
  2. In the top right area, click the Settings Gear Icon.
  3. Click Configure Inbox
  4. Uncheck all except Primary
  5. Click Save

Unsubscribing from Our E-Newsletters

Just select the link at the very bottom of our eNewsletters to unsubscribe.

Updating your email address

Please visit this web page and log in with your old or existing email address. You can then update your email address in your account information area. This ensures your login email is updated, and you will also receive ticket confirmation emails when you buy tickets.