Arts Education

The Gallo Center for the Arts believes that the arts are a pathway to building healthy minds, strong bodies, active learners and vibrant communities. We envision that school-aged youth will participate in an educational curriculum that promotes creative learning through cultural diversity and intellectual excellence.

Pathways To Creativity

Pathways To Creativity

Presenting our 2019/20 Pathways to Creativity Arts Education programs and performing arts series. View our upcoming student matinee series at the Gallo Center.

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Prime Shine Porges Family Fund

Prime Shine and Porges Family Foundation Fund

The Gallo Center for the Arts has funding from the Prime Shine and Porges Family Foundation to help offset the cost of transporting students by bus to see arts education performances. The funding can be used for transportation to Gallo Center-presented events only. Student performances presented by Theatreworks, the Gallo Center’s resident companies, or independent producers are excluded. Schools must purchase a minimum of fifty (50) tickets to qualify. Grants will not exceed $200 per round trip, and there is a limit of one grant per class grade per school site. A limited number of grants are available for the 2019/20 season and are distributed on a first come, first served basis.

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* Any adult requesting visitation to a particular student or group of students associated with a school/group attending an Arts Education performance at the Gallo Center for the Arts must be approved by the teacher of that school/group prior to the adult having contact with student.