2022-2023 Broadway Day Series

Get exclusive and behind the scenes access to the Center's national touring productions!

What is Broadway Day?

  • Students can participate in a ninety-minute masterclass themed around the upcoming show, led by a local performing arts educator. These classes will include a brief lecture about the touring production, its history, key players both on and offstage, any revivals or variations, and why it appeals to audiences. The majority of the class will focus on practical engagement in a specific performing arts skillset (acting, dancing, singing).
  • Students will receive a discounted performance ticket price and sit in a special reserved seating section with Arts Education Department staff and fellow students. 
  • For more detailed information on specific masterclasses, see below.

How do I sign up?

  • To reserve your spot call the GCA ticket office at (209) 338-2100 or email ticketing@galloarts.org and ask for a Broadway Day Ticket.
  • Scholarships available. Click here to apply.

Broadway Day Performances

Where do I meet for the masterclasses?

All classes are held on stage at the Gallo Center. Students can be dropped off and picked up at the 11th street side entrance in between H and I street.

Where do I meet for the performances?

Students can be dropped off and picked up at the main lobby doors on I street. Upon entering, please go to the third floor and locate the Broadway Day sign where an Arts Education representative will be waiting for you.

Questions? Contact Arts Education Programs Manager, at (209) 338-5022 or msniffen@galloarts.org.

A minimum of 15 students are required for each Broadway Day masterclass. If the minimum group requirement is not met 15 days before a masterclass, you may retain you show ticket or receive a refund for both the performance and the masterclass.