Ticket Policies & Patron Information

Providing the best possible patron experience at the Gallo Center for the Arts is at the very heart of our mission. It starts with inviting you to use the links below to discover the organizational transparency we offer.

Ticket Policies

From guidance on bringing children to the Center to understanding our ticket fees, to how ticket exchanges are made, our consumer privacy policies, and more, comprehensive information is found here...


Mary Stuart Rogers Theater


Through its conception, design, construction and beyond, the Gallo Center has always placed a premium on the accessibility and comfort of its facilities for all the patrons who choose to spend their time with us...


Foster Family Theater

Patron Safety

The Gallo Center for the Arts has an extensive list of policies in place to protect the safety of our patrons, along with volunteers, staff, artists, vendors and guests in the facility. We are fully committed to staying one step ahead...


Modesto Rotary Music Garden

About Ticket Brokers

There are many online websites or "brokers" that will lead you to believe that they are an official website for ticket purchases for our events. BEWARE of those websites...